The member conference of Hebei Fastener Industry Association was successfully held

Source: Yongnian District Standard Parts Industry Development Management Committee 2021-04-01
On the afternoon of March 31st, the first fifth general meeting of hebei fastener industry association was successfully held in the conference hall of China yongnian fastener expo center.Chang-ming wang, director of the

China’s mechanical generic components industry association expert committee, the China national machinery general parts industry association fasteners branch deputy secretary-general YuRuYong, YongNian district leadership yu-gang wang, director of the standard committee, party secretary, zhao yonghe now standard hair appoint other leadership team members, and all fasteners in hebei province association and more than 200 people attended the meeting.The meeting was chaired by Guo Yong, president of the Institute of Standard Parts.

At the meeting, Wang Yugang, the district leader, fully affirmed the achievements made by Yongnian standard parts industry and put forward guiding opinions on the development of the industry.First, we need to look up the road, accurately grasp the direction of economic development, and promote the development and growth of industries.This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the beginning year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. We should comprehensively do a good job in the development direction and positioning of the perpetual standard parts industry, promote high-quality development of the industry, and achieve “clear policies, clear situation and clear self”.Second, we need to keep our heads down, strengthen self-development, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.Based on industrial development, the Association should play the role of bridge and link, guide enterprises to accelerate equipment renewal, encourage enterprises to strengthen their research and development strength, maintain a fair competition environment, earnestly fulfill the purpose of serving enterprises, help enterprises to explore domestic and international markets, and make the Association stronger, more refined and more active in an all-round way.Third, we need to lead the way by innovating service models and leading high-quality industrial development.Association to innovative ideas, to the point, give full play to the functions of the association, the association of growing cohesion and power, using the fastener industry in hebei province institute of technology platform, with all its strength standard ascension work to carry out, establish standard parts industry become a real green industry, advantage industry, realize high quality development.

Zhao Yubo, President of Hebei Fastener Industry Association, made a report on the work of the association in 2020, reviewed and summarized the work of the association in the past year, and made a plan and deployment for the work in 2021.

Association secretary general dong maotong presided over the association election ceremony.Through a show of hands, Zhang Yanling from Hebei Guozhi Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Song Hupo from Hebei Jinhengtai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. were added as the vice presidents of the association and awarded the title.

Zhao Xianyong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Standard and Delivery Committee, introduced the key work of the standard parts industry in 2021.In 2021, according to the general thinking requirements of “398156″ of the district government, it will focus on extending the chain and reinforcing the chain of standard parts industry. First, it will scientifically and accurately implement industrial policies.Work out industrial planning, build a small town of standard parts, accelerate the revitalization of Yongnian standard parts industry cluster, and build Yongnian into a global distribution center for fastener production and sales.Second, we will continue to fight the battle against pollution.Promote standard parts enterprises between the main urban area and the “two high” to retreat from the city to the suburbs.Third, promote the construction of key projects of standard components industry.The planned three core projects, “China Yongnian Fastener Technical Service Center, China Yongnian Fastener Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, China International Fastener Inland Port and Raw Material Base”, have been fully started, and all the work is progressing in an orderly manner.Fourth, build international brand exhibition.We will continue to set up the special area of “China Yongnian Fasteners” and create the collective trademark of “Yongnian Fasteners” by taking advantage of China Handan (Yongnian) Fasteners Manufacturers Association and Product Exhibition, China

Handan (Yongnian) Fasteners and Equipment Exhibition, and organizing and participating in professional exhibitions at home and abroad.Fifth, continue to carry out the comprehensive evaluation of the economic performance of standard components enterprises.Increase the recommendation and support for A and B enterprises.Sixth, improve the research and development testing system.To apply for national fastener testing center, and to provide assistance in technology research and development, application for superior R&D funds, help to solve technical problems, help to apply for technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises and high-tech enterprises, inspection and testing services, etc.


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